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Aug 23, 2013 8:00pm EDT
, louisiana. you're on book tv with author rick atkinson. >> caller: they misquoted you. i'm not a veteran of that war, but i wanted to pay tribute, if i could, to some dear friends of mine who are gone now his name is go down in history. they were very -- my engineer was one of the 802nd and 101st airborne paratroopers that was at normandie. on never forget the tears in his eyes when he said, yes, our nation was to take the guns. i lost about 100 of my friends doing so, and there were not even there. then he went to market garden where he was not mortally wounded because she lived through it, but seriously wounded in taking a bridge, the last bridge. and my uncle who was in patton's army throughout the campaign and lived through it and left his general but said this of his soldiers. we have a serious problem with people shooting themselves in the foot. he was actually incensed about it. that's why he slapped the man. he loved his general. he said a lot of our boys died, but not because we weren't fighting. >> host: were going to leave your comments there. we appreciate your callin
Aug 9, 2013 8:00pm EDT
-- we owe so much because the haitian revolution, first of all, made possible in louisiana purchase because napoleon was done with it as a result of that humiliating defeat. secondedly, after haiti, after that revolution the north atlantic slave trade was ended by britain and the united states. and the last sort of breadth of that was the end of the civil war. americans know nothing about the story. we owe so much to those haitians, exslaves who defeated four of the most powerful army of the government in well twelve and a half year war. one of the great story in history. >> host: this month on booktv's in-depth program, author and activist randall robinson. he is the author of five non-fiction books. here they are. beginning in 1998. mr. robinson wrote "defending the spirit." finally an unbrokenning a any haiti from revolution to the kidnapping of a president. 202 is the area code if you like to dial in and participate in the conversation. you can contact us via e-mail or social media. you can make a comment on or send us a tweet@booktv is th
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2